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Gas well head monopod platform

Offshore Oil and Gas

The installed gas processing plant consists of three main parts: the well head gas platform, the connected subsea pipeline and the onshore facility that receives and processes the gas prior leading it to the Alaska gas pipeline network.

The well head platform itself consists of three main parts, each of them being a heavy lift for the installation vessel SVENJA.
The first part to be lifted onto the seabed floor was the monopod steel support structure. To assure the capability of the platform to withstand the challenging environmental conditions in this remote location, the platform piles have been driven and connected to the monopod. Prior lifting the actual processing deck on the monopod, a connection frame was lifted and welded on top of the monopod.

Parallel to the installation of the platform, a pipeline to connect the well head platform and the onshore facility was laid on the bottom of the Cook inlet.

Overdick assisted the owner of the platform, Furie, to get this project completed in a harsh and challenging environment.

Deutsche Oil and Gas AG2015
Cook Inlet, Alaska
FE Analysis, Calculations, Geotechnical Analyses, Hydrostatics, In-place analyses, Mooring Analysis, Motion Analysis, offshore oil and gas, Services, Well head platform

Risers: 6
LAT: 104’ (31,6m)
Location: Alaska
Setting: Harsh and challenging

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