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The CEOs of Overdick GmbH & Co KG are Andreas Rosponi, Reiner Klatte, Klaas Oltmann and Nadine Werner as well as Ekkehard Overdick as senior consultant.

Andreas Rosponi

Andreas RosponiManaging Director

A. Rosponi was born in Padua, Italy. He graduated as a Ship Designer from the State Nautical Institute Giorgio in Genova, Italy in 1986 and studied at the Shipbuilding and Naval Architecture Institute in Hamburg, Germany.

He has held various positions in offshore and shipbuilding projects as project engineer, surveyor, consultant and company representative for marine and naval disciplines for distinguished customers. Mr. Rosponi is head of business development at Overdick GmbH & Co. KG. He is a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.

Reiner Klatte

Reiner KlatteManaging Director

R. Klatte was born in Wolfsburg, Germany. He graduated from the Institute of Naval Architecture in Hamburg, Germany as a Naval Architect.

He began his career in designing and construction for the automotive industry. Since the foundation of OVERDICK, R. Klatte has worked as project engineer and project manager for various shipbuilding and offshore projects.

He is head of human resources, planning and design supervision.

Klaas Oltmann

Klaas OltmannManaging Director

K. Oltmann was born in Stade, Germany. He graduated from the University of Technology as a Naval Architect in Hamburg in 2007. He joined the company in 2004 for an internship and proceeded as an engineer in 2007. Mr. Oltmann started as a project engineer and became later project manager for various offshore and naval architecture projects.

He is head of the technical department and project coordination.

Nadine Werner

Nadine WernerManaging Director

N. Werner was born in Stade, Germany. She graduated from the Hamburg University of Technology as Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineer in 2004.

Since 2004 Ms. Werner is working on different offshore projects, initially as project engineer and later as project manager. She is head of internal coordination and project supervision.

Ekkehard Overdick

Ekkehard OverdickFounder and Senior Consultant

Mr. Overdick was born in Hannover is a civil engineer graduated from the Technical University of Hannover in Germany in 1974 and postgraduated as Offshore Engineer at the Institute of shipbuilding, University of Hamburg . His career began as a project manager of offshore platform installations working for an engineering consultant group, based in Germany.

Mr. Overdick founded with Andreas Rosponi, Reiner Klatte and Gerrit Schmitt the Company Overdick in 2000. Since then until 31 December 2010 he has leading the team as senior managing director. After a long career, Mr. Overdick has stepped down from his management duties and from the 1st of January 2011, he is supporting the company as senior consultant. He is member of the Society of Civil Engineers (VBI) in Germany and is also associate member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.