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Life Time Extension

Life Time Extension

05.01.2016 News Archive
Life Time Extension

Platform Life Time Extension (LTE) until 2030 – engineering to a longer life

OV recently finalized the initial step of a major life time extension project for a set of 16 offshore facilities.
The first phase included a detailed on-site inspection program followed by required numerical studies for assessing the structural integrity of the platforms even beyond its design life time.
Beside of addressing the ultimate limit states (e.g. environment, earth quake) with updated weight and modification information, a detailed fatigue assessment on basis of hindcast data was carried out to identify critical joints and members for each structure.

With initial activities OV focused on compiling a sufficient data pool to assess the condition of the structures by gathering any available documentation and amending any lack of information identified by conducting on-site inspections.
The aim of the project was to assess the structural integrity and fatigue life of the platforms and to establish a maintenance and monitoring plan for the LTE and its approval.
Recommendations were made for actions to be taken in order to achieve an extended lifetime of all platforms.
All structural analyses have been certified as a verified basis for maintenance and inspection, which will ensure a sufficient level of safety during LTE.
In conclusion, all 16 platforms can remain in operation and may support the offshore oil and gas production for our client – some platforms shall remain in service up to 2030.

The challenge of this project has been the data handling and processing for all platforms – of course only beside the various numerical simulations required.
OV established a data base oriented system for these type of projects which ensures full tracking of all received, used and processed information. Especially for tracking critical components, such system becomes a mandatory tool for setting up a proper maintenance and monitoring plan.

The total project time at OV has been 14 months. Follow-up on this project will be the continuation of maintenance and monitoring planning.

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