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Renewable Energy Hamburg - Membership

Renewable Energy Hamburg - Membership

03.03.2014 News Archive
Renewable Energy Hamburg - Membership


Overdick is now a member of the Renewable Energy Hamburg Network.

“…A Network for Pooling Skills

Everywhere in the Hamburg city region, entrepreneurs, scientists and politicians are working to make renewable energy even more of a success. A wide range of industrial and service companies have settled in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. They range from systems and component manufacturers to project management, installation and maintenance firms and companies offering consultation, certification, financing, insurance and logistics, through to energy providers and traders.

The EEHH “Renewable Energy Hamburg” network (or “cluster”) was set up in order to strengthen and promote cooperation in the sector. It works to pool the wide-ranging skills among companies, research facilities and institutions. It also provides a platform for dialogue among stakeholders, and promotes interfaces to other sectors, such as logistics.”

To find out more about membership, working groups and international activities, please visit the following website:
Renewable Energy Hamburg – Network