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Tractebel Overdick GmbH » News » 2013 » 1st MOAB in Germany - Global Tech I

1st MOAB in Germany - Global Tech I

1st MOAB in Germany - Global Tech I

22.05.2013 News Archive
1st MOAB in Germany - Global Tech I

Installation of 1st MOAB® in Germany

MOAB® – AC Substation for GLOBAL TECH I Wind Farm, German North Sea

OVERDICK is proud to announce the successful installation of the Offshore Wind Farm Substation Global Tech I in the German North Sea. The platform is based on OVERDICK’s proven MOAB® series of Suction Cans’ based SELF-INSTALLING platforms. 6 of the kind have been installed in the North Sea, West Africa and South East Asia.

The MOAB® is able to float to its location at sea and can be installed on its own with the help of suction cans and a temporary jacking system. Therefore no specialized yards or heavy lift equipment are required to construct, assemble and install a MOAB®.

The entire electro-technical and utility equipment is self-contained within the platform topside. The topside also includes the accommodation module for 37 POB and a full helicopter infrastructure.

The Global Tech I MOAB® is a perfect example of the flexibility of the concept as a platform for the most various services. Combining the long experience in Oil & Gas and adapting it to Offshore Wind, the MOAB® concept used for the Global Tech I project has been tailored for the challenging harsh weather conditions in the German North Sea and meets all the requirements and the special needs of an electrotechnical power plant. The Global Tech I design complies with the rules and standards of the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (BSH) for the approval of the first suction can solution in the German North Sea.

The best practice exchange from the Oil & Gas industry to the Offshore Wind sector confirms OVERDICK’s unique standing and expertise.



With its six installations, the MOAB® platform concept from OVERDICK is probably the most successful self-installing platform concept in the market. As a process extension, compression, fully integrated wellhead production area and offshore wind farm substation the concept has demonstrated its flexibility and soundness.


No specialized yards are required to construct and assemble a MOAB®.
Actually all six existing have been built by shipyards or without a yard at all.


Topside Equipment (pay-load) from 400 to 7,000 tons possible.
Operating water depth is up to 80m.


The barge like structure offers a great redundancy and high stiffness compared to a space frame topside. The substructure is designed to support earthquake, full boat impact and the “push over 10,000 years wave”.


The procurement and fabrication of the structure can be started very early in the project, even before the topside engineering is complete. Very simple interface between the disciplines is possible.


The overall costs and the installation costs are significantly reduced compared with a conventional unit of similar size.


Instead of conventional pile-driving technology, suction cans are used as foundation. This method reduces noise pollution and frees the installation from environmental noise constrains. The platform can be completely and safely removed after its lifetime-cycle by reversing the installation procedure which underlines the adequate philosophy for the sustainable renewables sector.


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