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MOAB® BR-D Annexe

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MOAB® BR-D Annexe

Offshore Oil and Gas

The Bunga Raya D platform was required by Lundin/Talisman to extend and debottleneck the Bunga Raya A process platform.
Overdick proposed and developed a self installing platform, the first MOAB®, as a flexible solution for the project and won the contract. The project was successfully realized and installed in time.

The Bunga Raya Field is composed by a complex of platforms:

  • BR-A Central Processing Platform
  • BR-B Wellhead Platform
  • BR-C Wellhead Platform
  • BR-D Processing Extension
  • BR-E Gas Treatment
  • BR-F Vent and Flare Tower

The BR-D, BR-E, BR-F and the two interconnecting bridges have been designed by OVERDICK

Location: Malaysia

Project Details

Lundin Petroleum, 2003
FE Analysis, Fixed Platforms, Float over, Geotechnical Analyses, Heavy lift engineering, Hydrostatics, In-place analyses, Jacket, Lift-out, Load-out, MOAB, Mooring Analysis, Motion Analysis, offshore oil and gas, platform, production platform, Self installable platforms, Structural Design, Towage

LAT: 56m
Topsides payload: 2.500t

Engineering Services

Concept Design
Design Studies
Detail Design
Detail Engineering
Foundation Design
Installation Engineering
Load out and Float-Over Engineering
Transport & Installation Design
Marine Analysis for Tow and Installation
Platform Concept
Screening and Conceptual Design Studies
Screening Phase
Site Support for Completion, Load out and Sail-Away Activities
Structural Design
Structural Verification for Transport & Installation

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